A-SAFE Safety Barriers

A-SAFE is the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s first fixed polymer safety barrier.

Reducing risk, minimising costs, safeguarding operations.

Looking for safety barriers? Using the most sophisticated materials, innovative design and latest technologies, the A-SAFE range offers you unparalleled protection in the workplace. These industry-leading products will transform the way you work bringing you unrivalled benefits.  From warehouses, cold storage and manufacturing facilities to car parks and airports; A-SAFE provides our clients with rigorously tested and certified industrial impact protection for a range of specialist applications.

A-SAFE Safety Barriers will maximise safety in the workplace helping you minimise potential accidents, property damage and costly downtime. These versatile fixed polymer safety barriers provide the upmost safety for your workforce.  A-SAFE is trusted by some of the world’s best-known brands, including Amazon and BMW.

The A-Safe range will transform the way you work.


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A-SAFE Rack Guards by the Forkway Group
A-SAFE Safety Gate by the Forkway Group
A-SAFE Racking Guards by the Forkway Group